Which power ranger would you be


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Oct 24, 2019
I was real big on the sixth and evil rangers as a boy. As for who would I be is between the Black Dino Ranger or the White Dino Ranger from Dino Thunder, the Omega Ranger from SPD, Quantum Ranger from Time Force, the Mercury Ranger from Operation: Overdrive, or either of the Psycho Rangers from In Space and Lost Galaxy. Big list, but those suits were too cool to leave out.

I'm a Gen Z baby, so I watched reruns of the PR seasons that came before me (Lightspeed Rescue was my first PR season) and I had a major crush on Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger) from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and really enjoyed her gymnast scenes, both for her legitimate athleticism and her adorable feet. I still crush on her to this very day. Lol