small feet

  1. Naughtylittletoes

    Naughty size 3 feet;)

    Hey there;) Check out my new onlyfans where I upload pics and vids regularly. It's really worth it if you love sexy small feet. Or search naughtylittletoes Hope to see you there;)
  2. J

    Waitress Ashley Sparxx - 10 Hour Shift Foot Stink

    Ashley Sparxx just got home from a LONG work shift. she is in her work uniform and her flats for serving! she plops down with her slave imprisoned underneath the chair. before he can even say hello, she peels off her flats and begins to rub her size 5 soles over his face! you can see him gagging...
  3. J

    Waitress Ashley Sparxx - Pov Foot Massage For Size 5 Rancid Soles

    Mistress Ashley Sparxx Premiere Clip! Ashley comes back home from a 10 hour serving shift (real) and asks you for a foot massage! shes only five feet tall and has tiny size five feet! she comments on how her socks probably stink and...