1. Luzik @ Luzik:
    Hi @Texucard, no this is not tfaforum, you can read 1 Year Anniversary 🥳 for the forum story
  2. T @ Texucard:
    Hey guys, is this the old tfaforum?
  3. Luzik @ Luzik:
    @Lukeass21, yes you can do it on Trading Zone
  4. MonaAngel @ MonaAngel:
    I have all kind of content just message me or gst ahold of me on fb mona angel
  5. MonaAngel @ MonaAngel:
  6. L @ Lukeass21:
    Are we allowed to promote Facebook feet groups?
  7. Z @ zzzz:
    thank you luzik
  8. B @ Brookejones89:
    If anybody is interested in seeing my gorgeous pedicures feet walk over Lego, crush eggs, bathed, massaged, and much more please visit me on only fans @ bjfeet89 you can also see me on tik tok at brookefeet89
  9. B @ Brookejones89:
  10. Luzik @ Luzik:
    done, welcome back @zzzz !
  11. Z @ zzzz:
    thank you!
  12. Luzik @ Luzik:
    @zzzz, no problem don't worry, I'll review initiations in 2-3 hours (y)
  13. Z @ zzzz:
    are you still awake Luzik, Havent been on in a while and lost my access again sorry mb
  14. Luzik @ Luzik:
    @NoSoLovelyFeet, yes and you have a nice arches :giggle:
  15. NoSoLovelyFeet @ NoSoLovelyFeet:
    Are my feet cute?
  16. K @ koolbreeze851:
    In General Feet, I Tickled and smelled some fantastic Yoga Feet. Check it out 🔥 If you like sexy feet
  17. G @ Gio315707:
    Anybody wanna add my snap and send each other our soles? Add me gio315707 im a 21 yr old dude, nice looking soles. Hmu :)
  18. Bluex2 @ Bluex2:
    I had 2 foot worship session over the weekend. Love it
  19. 4thgRdschoolGirlFeetLover @ 4thgRdschoolGirlFeetLover:
    Y’all don’t get angry at Luzik alright keep posting or pay up grrr
  20. Luzik @ Luzik:
    73 access lost today due to their inactive, stay active to keep it or you can Upgrade your account to not have condition and support us 👍