1. Bluex2 @ Bluex2:
    I’m liking it a lot
  2. 4 @ 4thgRdschoolGirlFeetLover:
    This forum is a lot more diverse and lgbt safe unlike mousepad I love it here
  3. K @ koolbreeze851:
    New post...🕵🏾
  4. K @ koolbreeze851:
    Friend's post gym/work feet tickled/smelled - general feet
  5. ZoeMoonFeet @ ZoeMoonFeet:
    Hi 🐰🍭
  6. Bluex2 @ Bluex2:
  7. 4 @ 4thgRdschoolGirlFeetLover:
  8. CFF_97 @ CFF_97:
    @Luzik Oh, I see. I had no idea. Thanks for the clarification! 😊
  9. W @ wiktor9193:
    Hello all !!! :)
  10. Y @ Yohoer:
    1000 feet
  11. S @ Soleblade20K:
    So what exactly do you do for VIP?
  12. Luzik @ Luzik:
    The reboot is complete and went very well without any bad surprises ! The reboot have taken 7 minutes.
  13. Luzik @ Luzik:
    I'll do a reboot of Jade, all ours services & sites will be shutdown during 5 minutes to a hour. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Luzik @ Luzik:
    12 access lost today due to their inactive, stay active to keep it or you can Upgrade your account to not have condition and support us 👍
  15. Luzik @ Luzik:
    Sorry for the short downtime, an update on Jade.
  16. Luzik @ Luzik:
    @Lady Draco, Hello welcome to you :)
  17. Luzik @ Luzik:
    @CFF_97, Im currently in reflexion of the share rules (2 per month), so, this time I'll remove access only to inactive member, so as you are active, you keep it your access (y)
  18. L @ Lady Draco:
    I am also a New member to this site but have been a Foot Model and Domme for many years. Someone told Me about this site
  19. CFF_97 @ CFF_97:
    Hey guys, today's my last day of access. I'm fresh out of content to share, so my foot blog will be on an indefinite hiatus until I acquire more pics to share. It was nice getting to know everyone on here, and I will return some time in the future.
  20. TheFootguy233 @ TheFootguy233:
    Some Scottish girls have amazing feet