1. Luzik @ Luzik:
    @Wooloo to do your search you need to access the forum via Initiation post (how to do), when you have be approved you can search in all the forum. If you don't found what you search you can ask to us in Foot Related Discussion > Request
  2. FeetWorship12 @ FeetWorship12:
    What am I saying? The category "Mature Feet" - scroll down, look through that. And also ask Luzik if u don't find your goal. :confused::rolleyes:
  3. FeetWorship12 @ FeetWorship12:
    No category here that would cater to "old" feet. Ask Luzik. He's an administrator. ;)
  4. W @ Wooloo:
    Hi everyone, im new here, how does this forum work because im searching an "old" feet video and I don't find it so is it the good place?
  5. FeetWorship12 @ FeetWorship12:
    I love this place. My forever favorite fantastic foot fetish forum
  6. Luzik @ Luzik:
    Good morning :coffee:
  7. ophil69 @ ophil69:
    good morning every body:coffee:
  8. Luzik @ Luzik:
    Thanks also to all active members and posters, our community continues to grow thanks to you all!
  9. Luzik @ Luzik:
    Thank you to all the Patreon and PayPal donators for continuing to support us.
  10. K @ koolbreeze851:
    New to the scene but been about feet since 86 ✌🏾💀
  11. T @ Taboofootfetish420:
    Cousins feeeeeet......Auntie's feeeeeeeeet
  12. allietop @ allietop:
    Hiya, I am new here. Please check out my new posts.:cool:
  13. K @ Kyle169:
    Hey I’m Uk member :devilish:
  14. l3ecks @ l3ecks:
    i SEARCH full Fishnet Sets in HQ!! whould trade
  15. l3ecks @ l3ecks:
    Best Feet Forum in the World!
  16. Soleblade4k @ Soleblade4k:
    I’m a uk member 🇬🇧
  17. Soleblade4k @ Soleblade4k:
    Is this just a general chat board??
  18. Littlealicia @ Littlealicia:
    Thank you @Luzik 😊
  19. Luzik @ Luzik:
    Reaction scores is all Like you have receved, Points is trophies awarded
  20. Littlealicia @ Littlealicia:
    @chobo what are reaction scores and points?

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